“Others May, You Cannot”

A couple of months ago I came across this short article named “Others May, You Cannot” by G. D. Watson for the first time.  It was during a time when the message in our church was focused on the cross, dying to self, following Christ and pursuing Christ with our everything.  This message was a timely reminder and encouragement for me.  God is showing me that the way of the cross, the way of denying oneself and following Him has always been the way.  It is the old path, it is nothing new and thousands and thousands of saints, which we may have never heard of, have walked on this path before us.  I was so thrilled and encouraged by this message.  Yet, God already said the same thing in the Bible, and I, having little faith, couldn’t simply trust in His words the first time I hear it.  But God knows who I am, and He knew that I need to hear this same old message from different places again and again.

For the past few weeks, the message was brought up to me again through different ways.  I went back and read the passage, it spoke to my heart again just like the first time.  Indeed, God is calling me again.  He is showing me there is a way, and He wants me to choose this way, to choose to follow Him, to choose to sell myself out to Him completely!  This is what excites me the most that He is calling me to Himself, in spite of what I am!  He knew that I am just dust, He knew the inside of my heart, which is wicked above all things, yet in His great loving kindness He is calling me to Himself, to belong to Him, to be His own.  What a wonder!  No other religions is like this.  No other gods is like this.  He is calling me to be His own, to be the dwelling place of His Spirit.

And all it comes down is love.  His love for us and our love for Him.  Yes, if I would be completely His, I will be bound by His all conquering, all binding, never-ending jealous love.  May God bound me and draw me closer to Him with this love.

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