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Sermons of Rev. R. Edward Miller 愛德華米勒牧師講道集

Certain collections of sermons of Pastor Edward Miller have been made available in MP3 format.  These series of sermons are available for listening online or for download.  Please click on the following link for the download page. 米勒牧師講道集網頁 Currently, … Continue reading

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Amazon Smile

UPDATE:  We have recently updated our Amazon Smile account and it has changed.  Please use the NEW link below to update your Amazon Smile donation link.  Thank you. Amazon Smile is a program that donates to charities whenever you … Continue reading

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「直等細羅(就是賜平安者)來到,萬民都必歸順。」創世記四十九章十節 「到祂那裡聚集」系列特會之所以誕生乃是由於神所賜下對「以色列迷失之羊」的負擔,同時這系列特會也是回應全球各地不住倍增的呼求,渴望看見神的榮耀和祂的同在可以更加倍的傾倒和顯現在祂的百姓當中。 神引導肯尼和安妮牧師四年前在美國佛羅里達州的奧蘭多開始「聚集系列特會」。在奧蘭多連續三年所舉辦的特會不僅達到了我們的期盼更遠遠超過了我們的想象﹗在特會中我們經歷了奇妙喜樂的高潮,也經歷了那感人肺腑神聖潔親密的同在。 今年神感動肯尼和安妮還有同工的牧師們,在極具戰略位置的馬來西亞麻六甲舉行「聚集系列特會」,我們深感這將會是一場神聖預定的聚集。 如果你不滿於現狀,內心迫切渴望能如「敞開天」一般面對面遇見神,那麼麻六甲的「到祂那裡聚集」特會就是為你而預備的。 特會主辦單位:肯尼和安妮.席斯勒牧師 肯尼和安妮.席斯勒牧師是在已故的愛得華.米勒牧師的事工之下,在六零年代末七零年代初著名的阿根庭大復興中獲得屬靈新生。主滿有恩典使肯尼和安妮不斷地與主自己有寶貴豐富的經歷,而且賜予他們在南美洲還有其他洲超過四十四年結滿果子的服事。不論他們到何處服事,他們都定意要預備一個地方讓耶穌的真實和同在可以靠近彰顯在那群真正渴慕祂的人當中。 日期:二零一六年九月十六日至十八日 時間:暫時未定 地點:馬來西亞麻六甲市馬六甲加略山生命堂 Calvary Life Assembly (Chinese) 總聯絡負責人﹕ 馬來西亞:鄭靈光牧師 Pastor Moses Tay 電郵﹕ 電話(公)﹕+6063344077 電話(手)﹕+60124738966 地區聯絡負責人: 泰國:楊牧師 Pastor Juliana Yang ; 臺灣:簡博誼牧師 Pastor Paul Chien; 美國:湯必潔牧師 Pastor Bonnie Thomas; 烏拉圭(南美西班牙語):Patricia … Continue reading

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The Gathering SEA (Southeast Asia) 2016

“…And unto Him shall the gathering of the people be.” Gen 49:10 The Gathering Conference was birthed, out of a God-given burden for the “lost of Israel” and in response to the growing cry everywhere for a greater outpouring and … Continue reading

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Gathering Unto Him 2014 Conference

Dear Friends, Pastor Kenneth and Annie Schisler is hosting the 3rd annual “Gathering Unto Him” conference at Orlando, Florida. The conference will be from Friday 10/31 to Sunday 11/2. Please visit the following page for detail information and register for … Continue reading

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Sons of Revival Radio Archives

Hello, Brothers and Sisters and Friends, The Sons of Revival radio program has been on the air for more than 3 months now at We are on the air every Thursday morning from 11 to 11:30am Eastern time. However, … Continue reading

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Sons of Revival Radio Program

各位弟兄姊妹、亲朋好友: 一个全新的网路华语的广播节目即将开播「复兴之声」将带给您满有盼望的信息、焕然一新的观点,以圣经为基础呈现给你一个炯然不同的座谈节目。我們的盼望乃是藉著本節目使您和您的全家來認識那位唯一的真神和祂所差來的救主耶穌基督。 本节目将于2014年六月五日星期四美东时间上午十一点开播,北京和台北时间星期四晚上十一点,欢迎大家届时网路上收听。您也可以从此网站下载App到您的手机或Tablet直接收听。 RadioAirJesus: 若您错过转播时段不要担心您可以在网站收听前期的节目。若您有任何问题请跟我们联络 Contact Information: Sons of Revival Radio P.O.Box 2692 Peachtree City, GA 30269 U.S.A. (470)219-8957 推特帐号@sonsofrevival Dear Brothers and Sisters, Families and Friends, A brand new internet Chinese radio broadcast program is coming! “Sons … Continue reading

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Gathering Unto Him 2013 Conference

The Gathering Unto Him 2013 Conference in Orlando, Florida was hosted by Pastors Kenneth and Annie Schisler.  The main theme of the conference was “Gathering out of the Pit unto Zion” based on Zechariah Chapter 9:11-12. “As for thee also, … Continue reading

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Personal Testimony of Dr. Aaron King

Dr. Aaron King, a deacon of our church shared his personal testimony on Sunday 2013-05-19.  The testimony was given in Chinese with English interpretation. Please also visit our website to see more videos of personal testimony.

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Back to Bethel

“And Abram went up out of Egypt, he and his wife and all that he had, and Lot with him into the south…And he went on his journeys from the south even to Bethel, unto the place where his tent … Continue reading

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